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Recurrent Budget 2006-2007 [with memorandum]
09 June 2006

Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Statement of Consolidated Sinking Fund
​Financial Statement
​Comparative Table of Revenue and Expenditure
Abstract of Recurrent Revenue
Abstract of Recurrent and Capital Expenditure

​Direct Taxes
Indirect Taxes
Receipts from Public Utilities
Receipts from Public Services
Rental of Government Property
​Interest, Royalties, etc.

1-1 Office of the President
​1-2 Office of the Vice-President
1-3 The Judiciary
​1-4 National Assembly
​1-5 National Audit Office
​1-6 Public and Disciplined Forces Service Commissions
​1-7 Ombudsman's Office
1-8 Electoral Supervisory Commission and Electoral Boundaries Commissions
​1-9 Electoral Commissioner's Office
​1-10 Permanent Arbitration Tribunal
1-11 Local Government Service Commission
1-12 Central Tender Board
​1-13 Independent Broadcasting Authority
1-14 Independent Commission Against Corruption
​1-15 National Human Rights Commission
1-16 Ombudperson for Children's Office
2-1 Prime Minister's Office
2-2 Religious Subsidy
2-3 Police
​2-4 Printing Department
2-5 Meteorological Services
​2-6 Mauritius Prisons Service
2-7 Mauritius of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms
2-8 Mauritius of Rodrigues and Outer Islands
3-1 Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Public Infrstructure, Land Transport & Shipping
3-2 Land Transport & Shipping    
3-3 National Transport Authority
4-1 Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Tourism, Leisure & External Communications
4-2 External Communications
4-3 Civil Aviation
​5-1 Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Finance & Economic Development
​5-2 Registrar General
​      Revenue Authority    
5-3 Treasury
5-4 Central Statistics Office
5-5 Valuation Department
​5-6 Public Debt
5-7 Contributions
​6-1 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Cooperation
7-1 Ministry of Environment & National Development Unit
8-1 Ministry of Education & Human Resources
​9-1 Ministry of Public Utilities
10-1 Ministry of Local Government
​10-2 Fire Services
11-1 Ministry of Agro Industry & Fisheries
​11-2 Fisheries    
12-1 Ministry of Social Security, National Soildarity and Senior Citizens Welfare & Reform Institutions
​13-1 Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development, Family Welfare & Consumer Protection
14-1 Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment
​15-1 Attorney-General's Office, Ministry of Justice & Human Rights
16-1 Ministry of Health and Quality of Life
17-1 Ministry of Industry, Small & Medium Enterprises, Commerce & Cooperatives
17-2 Commerce    
17-3 Cooperatives
18-1 Ministry of Arts and Culture
18-2 National Archives    
​19-1 Ministry of Housing and Lands
​20-1 Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunications
21-1 Ministry of Youth and Sports
Appendix A: Comparative Statement of Departmental Expenditure on Staff Costs, Other Goods and Services and Contributions and Benefits    
Appendix B: Schedule of Grants and Subsidies
Appendix C: Consolidation of Budgetary Central Government Accounts
Appendix D: Medium Term Macroeconomic Projections
Appendix E: Medium Term Expenditure Projections
Appendix F: Public Debt and Public Sector Debt
Appendix G: Authority to incur Expenditure
Appendix H: Key to the Salary Codes
Appendix I: Distribution of Grant-in-aid to Local Authorities