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​​Project Implementation and Monitoring Agency (PIMA)​​​​​​​​​​​

As announced in the Budget speech 2021-22, a Project Implementation and Monitoring Agency (PIMA) has been set up as a unit under the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development to assist and advise in the implementation of projects/programmes and budgetary measures.


The Agency is headed by a Director and will be assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in relevant fields such as architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, economics, accountancy, environment, physical planning and ICT.

PIMA will work in close collaboration with Ministries/Departments, Public Sector Entities as well as the private sector to address impediments in the implementation of capital projects and ensure that these impediments are expeditiously dealt with and projects are completed on time.


Roles and Functions​

 The Agency will:

      (a) Assist and advise Ministries and Departments in the implementation of projects/programmes and budgetary measures;

  1.       (b) Assist Ministries and Departments to address any impediments in the implementation process;

  2.       (c) Advise Ministries and Departments on capital projects to ensure smooth implementation, adequate contract management and timely project closures;

  3.       (d) Compile and analyse information on status of implementation submitted by various public bodies for monitoring purposes;

  4.       (e) Coordinate with implementing public bodies and propose reforms to improve the implementation process and;

  5.       (f) Submit its findings and make recommendations to a Coordination Committee under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister.​

  6. ​​​​​​​​
  7. ​​​​​Project Implementation Monitoring Agency (PIMA) ​ ​
    GradeNameContact details
    DirectorMr Gilles L'Entêté​​Tel: (+230) 2601300 Ext. 5302
    Lead AnalystDr Narvadha Veeramootoo
    ​​Tel: (+230) 2601300 Ext. 0803

    ​Miss Ushina Seegoolam
    Tel: (+230) 2601300 Ext. 5432
    ​Mrs Anjani Kadoo-Bhujun
    Tel: (+230) 2601300 Ext. 2029
    AnalystMiss Kavisha Devi Rutnah​​Tel: (+230) 2601300 Ext. 5435