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​​​​​​Office of the Commissioner for Protection of Borrowers​


To find sustainable solutions to problems encountered by borrowers to repay their loans by respecting the rights of both the borrowers and the lending institutions.



Contact Details

Address: Wing A, 9th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis, Room 909
Tel: (+230) 212-0601​ 
Fax:​ (+230) 2105236​


FAQS​ From Borrowers

​1) What to do if they are having difficulties to pay back their loans?

They should make an official complaint to the Commissioner for the Protection of Borrowers through a letter/mail giving full details of their loans.


2) What details?

The amount of loan contracted, date/year when the loan was taken, the name of the lending institution and the reasons why they are not being able to pay back the debts.


3)  What documents to be submitted?

ID Card, Statement of Accounts, Medical Certificates in cases of illness or any other documents relating to their problems of repayment.


4)  How the Commission will proceed?

​The Commissioner will convene a meeting with both the borrower and the lending institution to try to find a solution to the borrower's problem.