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Budget 2002-2003 Recurrent Budget Estimate​

​Friday 14 June 2002​

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Statement of Assets & Liabilities6911
Statement of Consolidated Sinking Fund195
Financial Statement4511
Comparative Table of Revenue and Expenditure4311
Recurrent Budget
Abstract of Recurrent Revenue10937
Abstract of Recurrent Expenditure4414
1-1 Office of the President4412
1-2 Office of the Vice-President4913
1-3 Judicial5416
1-4 National Assembly4312
1-5 Audit3911
1-6 Public & Disciplined Forces Service Commissions4412
1-7 Ombudsman's Office3910
1-8 Electoral Supervisory Commission & Electoral Boundaries Commission3810
1-9 Electoral Commissioner's Office4211
1-10 Permanent Arbitration Tribunal3911
1-11 Local Government Service Commission4011
1-12 Central Tender Board4011
1-13 Independent Broadcasting Authority
Concession Projects Selection Committee
Economic Crime Office
1-14 Independent Commissions Against Corruption174
1-15 National Human Rights Commission184
2-1 Prime Minister's Office9330
2-2 Religious Subsidy327
2-3 Police11831
2-4 Printing Department4212
2-5 Meteorological Services4412
2-6 Ministry of External Communications4212
2-7 Civil Aviation30360
3-1 Deputy Prime Minister's Office & Ministry of Finance5217
3-2 Revenue Authority8527
3-3 Treasury4513
3-4 Valuation Department2517
3-5 Public Debt15049
3-6 Contributions348
4-1 Ministry of Industry and International Trade5918
5-1 Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources11539
6-1 Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity & Senior Citizens Welfare & Reforms Institutions7723
6-2 Reforms Institutions6420
7-1 Ministry of Local Government and Rodrigues18639
7-2 Fire Services4112
7-3 Rodrigues29661
8-1 Ministry of Public Utilities8023
9-1 Ministry of Tourism4412
10-1 Ministry of Environment5117
11-1 Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport & Shipping7019
11-2 Land Transport & Shipping6219
11-3 National Transport Authority34648
12-1 Ministry for Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms6215
13-1 Ministry of Labour & Industrial Relations5015
14-1 Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare5518
15-1 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Co-operation30667
16-1 Ministry of Education & Scientific Research13044
17-1 Ministry of Health & Quality of Life23173
18-1 Ministry of Arts and Culture6817
18-2 National Archives4512
18-3 Mauritius Institute5111
19-1 Ministry of Fisheries4915
20-1 Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs6218
20-2 Central Statistics Office4011
21-1 Ministry of Commerce and Co-operatives4814
21-2 Co-operatives12525
22-1 Ministry of Housing and Lands5518
23-1 Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications6720
23-2 Postal Services4514
24-1 Attorney-General's Office and Ministry of Justice & Human Rights6219
25-1 Ministry of Training, Skills Development and Productivity4613
25-2 Employment4714
26-1 Ministry of Youth & Sports5818
Appendix A : Comparative Statement of Departmental Expenditure on staff Costs, Other Goods and Services and Contributions and Benefits6617
Appendix B : Schedule of Grants & Subsidies4513
Budgetary Central Government Statistics625
Appendix C : Consolidation of Budgetary Central Government Accounts40
Appendix D : Public Debt and Public Sector Debt4111
Appendix E : Authority to Incur Expenditure6615
Appendix F : Key to the Salaries Code16328
Appendix G : Distribution of Grant-in-aid to Local Authorities387

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