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Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary: The Financial Secretary is the Supervising Officer of the
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MOFED).  In this capacity, he is
responsible for the running of the Ministry, implementation of policies, reforms and other
measures as formulated by the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic
Development.  The present incumbent is  Ali Michael MANSOOR.
Highlights and Experience:  Mr Ali Mansoor has wide international experience as he
has worked both at the technical and managerial levels at the World Bank, the IMF,
European Commission and the COMESA Clearing House.
Mr Mansoor has been involved, inter alia, in the following areas:-
• Setting up and managing multi-cultural teams, in rapid evaluation and in
provision of guidance on a variety of economic topics;
• Policy analysis and dialogue with macro-economic perspective on economic
management issues including trade, regional integration, public finance, fiscal
decentralization, migration, financial sector issues and poverty;
• Wide range of economic work at the IMF, World Bank and EC focused on
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, 19 African countries and Indonesia,
Russia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, the Philippines, Cyprus and Malta; and
• Pioneering the Cross Border Initiative at the EC and managing the restructuring
of the COMESA Clearing House to offer new financial services to mitigate risks in
trade finance;
He has also written seminal papers on Privatisation at the IMF and at the World Bank
on Migration in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union; and on Outward Oriented
Regional Integration.
Terms of contract of Employment: In line with the Recommendations of the Pay
Research Bureau (PRB) Report 2008, the filling of the position of Financial Secretary, is
on contractual terms or on an assignment basis for a period of two years.  
Accordingly, Mr Mansoor was appointed on contract by the Public Service Commission
in consultation with the Prime Minister since 2006.  His contract has been renewed on
three occasions, the last one to expire in July, 2012.  His current salary is Rs 120,000
per month plus a monthly allowance of US$ 6,900.  The salary, car benefits, travelling
and gratuity are revised in the wake of the PRB report as per PRB recommendations.
Paid Directorship: It has been the practice for the Financial Secretary to sit on Boards
of major companies in which Government is shareholder.  As such, being the current
Financial Secretary, Mr Mansoor serves as Director on the following Boards with
remuneration fees determined by the respective Boards of Companies and which are
available in their Annual Reports: (i) State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (ii) Airports of Mauritius
Ltd (iii) Mauritius Telecom Ltd (iv) Air Mauritius Ltd (v) Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd
(vi) State Informatics Ltd, and (vii) Airport Terminal Operations Ltd.  He is also the
chairman of the (i) Regional Development Company, (ii) Treasury Foreign Currency
Management Fund (iii) National Pension Fund/National Savings Fund Investment
Committee, and (iv) the Saving Jobs & Recovery Fund.  
From its start until recently, he was also the Ministry of Finance representative on the
National Empowerment Foundation.
Unpaid Directorship: It may be noted that the Regional Development Company, the
Saving Jobs & Recovery Fund and the National Empowerment Foundation are not
17 May 2011


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