• A model organization that promotes economic development, good governance, and social progress for all Mauritians through accountable, efficient, equitable and sustainable management of public finances; and that effectively markets Mauritius as a reputable financial centre and successfully attracts higher levels of investment.




  • To formulate and implement sound macroeconomic and fiscal policies to ensure sustainable economic and social development of the country and improve standard of living.


  • To ensure adequate allocation of funds and optimise revenue mobilisation, while providing the right incentives for economic growth and social development





Roles and Functions of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development



       The Ministry is responsible for formulating the Economic Development Policies and for the Economic

       Management of the Affairs of Government so as to achieve faster and sustainable economic development

This Ministry is also responsible for the financial soundness of Government's economic policy and for the proper control of revenue and expenditure.  The Financial Secretary as Supervising Officer of ​ this Ministry has the responsibility to ensure that the functions of  this  Ministry are carried out economically, efficiently and effectively and its objectives duly achieved.
The key functions of this  Ministry are defined as follows:
animated-arrow-image-0192.gif Formulate Government economic reform strategy and coordinate its implementation;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gif Develop macro fiscal framework and formulate fiscal policy;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gif Prepare the annual Budget Estimates in collaboration with Ministries/Departments;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifDevelop and prepare, in consultation with other Departments, a Public Sector Investment programme (PSIP);
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifProvide support, through Sector Ministry Support Team (SMST), to Ministries / Departments in the formulation of their strategic plan, preparation, planning, execution and monitoring of their Performance Based Estimates;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifManage public sector debt with a view to minimizing cost, consistent with a prudent level of risk and develop active debt management strategies which also aim at supporting the development of a well-functioning market for government securities;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifCoordinate  with  the  Bank  of  Mauritius  (BOM)  and  the  Financial  Services Commission (FSC) to regularly review and ensure the soundness and stability of the financial system;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifDevelop   cooperation   with   international   financial   institutions   and   mobilise financial resources and technical assistance;

animated-arrow-image-0192.gifDevelop the  framework for the sound management of public finances and ensure implementation within set rules;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifEnsure the preparation of the annual accounts of Government;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifOversee,  through  the  parent  Ministry,  performance  of  parastatal  bodies  and compliance with legal financial requirements;
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifMonitor the performance of Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) and other major revenue collecting Departments; and
animated-arrow-image-0192.gifMaintain an updated Financial Management Kit and issue financial instructions to regulate financial procedures in Government.